Be-Alert Services

Gain visibility of your corporation’s valuable resources and assets. They could be machines, tools or materials. Using the Be-Alert asset tracking solution can help businesses to determine asset location and understand its status, enabling you to protect your company from unexpected loss.


Our feature rich solution, Be-Alert is developed in house keeping in mind the local security environment. Our GPS trackers give you real time visibility of the goods being monitored. Battery operated GPS Trackers deploy covertly on or within the goods being tracked. Modules built into the GPS trackers enable you to detect remote events, such as movements and main power loss by initiating SMS to concerned personnel. Working together these and the other core solution components form the basis of our standard and customized solutions designed specifically to meet your asset tracking requirements


  • Increase Security – Get instant alerts when your assets are moving from the designated place.
  • Online and phone payment collection 24/7
  • Improve asset utilization – Knowing where your assets are allows you to better manage them
  • Reduce costs – Ensuring your assets are where they need to be saves time and money.
  • Optimize Inventory stock – Generate alerts in case of main power failure for temperature sensitive inventory

GPS Tracking

Our GPS trackers utilize GPS technology (aGPS,) integrated with Google maps enabling our solution to track assets inside of buildings, trucks and other enclosed areas, without needing to be in view sky. This ensures the reliability of the tracking process, as assets remain in a fixed location or move towards their destination.

Be-Alert asset tracking solutions are ideally applicable for

  • Electronics
  • ATMs
  • Goods in Transit
  • Cold Chain Shipment

Be-Alert tracking solutions operate continuously to protect your remote assets. 24×7 customer support is provided as a standard component of our tracking services, helping to ensure the success of your asset tracking program.