Product Benefits

Considering the tremendously popularity of mobile phones in Pakistan, businesses can no longer ignore the importance of sending text messages in business advertising, sales promotion, product launching and customer services. Corporate SMS has become the most cutting-edge marketing technique being used today
  • Installation Free Solution:
    Customer does not need to install any software. It's a web based solution and can work on any computer

  • Affordability: A fraction of what it would cost using conventional means to reach multitude of individuals

  • Ease of Usage: A simple desktop interface enables message composing, recipient selection, scheduling delivery and account maintenance effortless

  • Wide Reach: Enables sending Timely notifications to both off-net and on-net recipients

  • Customized Message Templates: Allows users to compose new messages and/or select from customized message templates for re-use, thus saves time

  • Volume of Subscribers' List: Unlimited number of subscribers’ list can be created. Language Support: This system supports messaging in Urdu, Chinese and English languages

  • Message Length: Subscriber has the visibility of text counter

  • Scheduler: Subscribers can broadcast their message immediately or schedule the broadcast for a later time and date

  • APIs: Customers can use the open web-based APIs within their own in-house software to send out SMS messages (open API gives flexibility to customer to use its own application/GUI)

  • Multiple Campaigns: Multiple campaigns can be added/ modified/ deleted using check boxes

  • Multiple Subscriber List Deletion: Multiple subscribers’ list can be deleted using check boxes

  • Reusability of Executed Campaign: Already executed campaigns can be re-used instead making new campaign every time

  • Quick Message History: Messages executed by using quick message feature via API & Web will generate history of last 30 days

  • Integrated Billing & Reconciliation: Corporate SMS application allows a Business organization to have a profile that is mapped onto one physical account. Its inherent account logging feature provides real-time updates of broadcasted messages, scheduled deliveries, and recipients & sender details

  • Throughput: SMS throughput from this solution is much more than sending from handset, EDGE card or any other application