Product Counterfeiting

Introducing Product Counterfeiting

BrandedMsg’s Product Counterfeiting solution empowers consumers to aid in the war against product counterfeiting by using their mobile phones to verify the authenticity of the products. According to the estimates, counterfeit of pharmaceuticals accounts for an estimated $600 billion in global trade and ‘may be the crime of the century’.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 30% of pharmaceuticals in developing countries are fake. These products are packaged in the right way but which do not contain the right ingredients and in the worst-case scenario, may be filled with highly toxic substances. Experts estimate that counterfeit medications kill at-least 100,000 people a year in undeveloped countries

Meanwhile, mobile penetration in emerging markets is soaring

Emerging markets account for 80% of all new mobile subscriptions globally.

In Pakistan, SMS text messages sent almost doubled between 2009 and 2012 to a staggering 277.7 billion messages. That is almost 3.2 million text messages per hour. So, how could we leverage this growing technology to help consumers actively avoid being duped by counterfeiters?

It is easy as 1-2-3:

Upon purchasing a product, consumers will find a label on the package that they can scratch-off to reveal a one-time use, item specific code. Then, they text the code to our short code using their mobile phone and receive a reply confirming that the product is genuine or warning that it may be counterfeit.

Supplementary, value-added services


The solution may be supplemented by the 24/7 Client Support Desk (CSD).


The Text to Health solution produces a constant flow of valuable market data that can be harnessed by our clients to customize their marketing programs, target consumers based on purchasing habits, and monitor any instances of counterfeiting, Our product demo shows how this simple and effective solution works. For more information about protecting products or just to learn more, please contact us.